Community Involvement

Our deep core values revolve around helping others, having an impact upon people in a way that truly changes their lives and the philosophy that education can indeed cure many problems. We always look to give some of our profits to charities with these same core beliefs.

On a global scale, one of our favorites is Heifer International whose goal is to end world hunger.

However, they believe in not just giving food to the hungry but instead providing them with the tools and education in order that the people may help themselves rise up out of hunger and poverty. They start by donating two of the same animal species (cows, sheep, chickens, etc) to a village under the agreement that not only will the people of that village learn to use the animal by-products to the highest and best use (milk, wool, eggs, etc) for both their own needs and to raise village money, but to also donate the offspring of this animal duo to nearby villages in need as well and perpetuate the giving. Meanwhile, a team of specialists comes to the village and spends time teaching the locals how to better their knowledge in animal raising, farming techniques, conservation, planting trees for fruit and soil preservation, better home-building techniques, etc. It is a whole approach to eradicating hunger and poverty in one village, one country at a time.

At the local level, HPF supports Milwaukee’s, Hunger Task Force. They believe that every person has a right to adequate food obtained with dignity, working to prevent hunger and malnutrition by providing food to people in need. For more information please visit

Both Heifer & The Hunger Task Force are unique, interesting, and effective organizations. Please read more information from their websites and consider joining us in supporting the cause of ending hunger and poverty in the world today.

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