Jeff Kleiner

Founder and President

Saving money throughout high school to purchase his first flip property at age 18, Jeff has been buying and selling real estate for over twenty-five years; with 20 of those years focused in the lending and banking business. He started his career with a large mortgage finance company in his hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, learning the intricacies of financing, underwriting, and collecting. In 1993, as a bank branch manager, he took over the Wisconsin mortgage wholesale side of the bank and led that team to new territories. That experience led Jeff to open his own mortgage brokering company in 1995, which quickly grew to one of the largest brokering and mortgage banking firms in the state of Wisconsin.

In 2004, he formed Home Path Financial to invite outside investors an opportunity to earn quality returns. His business expanded into opportunities for helping good people with bad circumstances, offering a chance to once again afford a home of their own and restore their credit to the high quality standards needed for conventional financing. Property acquisition and renovation combined with seller financing became a strong component of HPF’s profits. As foreclosure property inventories grew, HPF focused more time towards simply turning properties, selling them outright to buyers who had their own financing. Today HPF uses a multitude of exit strategies for its properties while keeping investors money well secured and constantly earning higher than average returns.

Tracie Kleiner

Chief Operations Officer

Responsible for the efficiency of the business,  Tracie uses her talent for systems, analysis, and passion for perfection in overseeing the Operations Team as well as the implementation of HPF’s policies and procedures.  Prior to spending several years in corporate finance, she was promoted to her first managerial role at the age of 19.  This led her to the finance industry where she spent time in both back office positions such as Auditor, Compliance Principal, & Portfolio Analyst; as well as front line positions of Banking Officer, Corporate Lending Officer, Series 7 Stockbroker, Registered Investment Advisor and Vice President of Investments.

In addition to graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Tracie had obtained several of the FINRA securities licenses over the years including the Series 7, 24, 6, 26, 63, and 66 as well as the State of WI Life & Health Insurance licenses.

Spending 15+ years in banking and finance operations for larger Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and growing investment companies, has given Tracie the perfect blend of experience to create systems and strategies to support HPF’s bottom line, which she has been doing since 2006.  Tracie’s professional details can be found here on LinkedIn and she welcomes the connection there as well.

In her downtime, she is usually found enjoying time with her two dogs, RV traveling to visit her two sons in college, reading, hiking, kayaking, skiing, & fitness.

Heather Dries

Real Estate Sales Manager

Heather discovered her love of building, architecture and homes during high school where she excelled in architectural drafting and design, earning a scholarship to pursue an architectural career.  Service to others was always a focal point in her life, which led her to enlist in the US Air Force to further her experience and education. During that time, she found herself pulled towards a sales career path and wanted to combine that love of building and homes with the ability to help others fulfill their dreams of homeownership.  Real estate was the perfect fit!

Becoming licensed in 2004, Heather quickly accelerated her sales career by obtaining her broker’s license, becoming the Training Director for Wisconsin’s largest real estate company, attending numerous national sales training courses and earning  various designations. She was then asked to move into a leadership role with that company as a Sales Director.  In that role, she was able to coach, train and mentor her team of agents to become top notch sales professionals. During Heather’s time as a Sales Director, she maintained that passion for helping people reach their homeownership goals through buying and selling and in 2017 she made the decision to focus on sales full time…which led her to HPF!

As our Sales Manger, Heather is able to coordinate all the real estate transactions for the company. From being part of the design process on rehab projects as well as identifying market trends and buyer needs in the new construction arena, she loves being part of developing beautiful and functional spaces for homebuyers to get excited about! Combining her strong background in real estate transactions and sales along with her passion for helping people on their journey to find the perfect home, she is able to enjoy the very best part of real estate; handing the keys to a new home over to an excited buyer!

In her spare time, Heather enjoys planning projects on her own home and keeping her remodeling carpenter husband busy!  Projects don’t stop with the house, and she can be found in her yard most weekends working on landscape design and gardening.  She also enjoys time with her family while camping, hiking or kayaking in the great outdoors!

Tim Pykett

Director of New Construction

Tim’s passion for construction began at an early age.  He would use the money he earned cutting grass to buy lumber for skateboard ramps he built in his driveway during elementary school.  His grandfather, a Civil Engineer, often brought Tim to surveying projects when he was young.  He taught Tim how to use tools and plan projects.  This mentoring fostered a love of construction for Tim.

During college, Tim worked in the trades over summer breaks. Tim began his post-baccalaureate career in Education, but his strong roots in Construction led him to restoring stained glass windows throughout the U.S.  After years of travel, Tim wanted to get back home.  He was given an opportunity to work for a production builder in Milwaukee.  Learning the ropes in the field managing quality and schedules, Tim has built a strong understanding of process driven systems to enhance the cycle of building a home in a consistent way.

Tim gained his managerial experience with a local semi-custom homebuilder.  He brings over 20 years of experience with customers, trades, suppliers, and personnel to the company.

Tim and his wife have a 10 year old daughter who is the center of his life outside of work.