Make Home Path Financial (HPF) part of your investment strategy by becoming a Private Lender and joining our expansion. Use your liquid cash or IRA account to join HPF in over 10 years of renovating, flipping, renting and wholesaling of residential properties.

In return you receive a two year fixed interest rate mortgage / Deed of Trust on one of our portfolio rental properties in one of the markets we serve. Our Private Lenders receive fixed monthly interest payments on the first of every month. Rest well with the peace of mind that not only do you have a hard asset backing your loan but it is one of quality, in a nice neighborhood, that is appreciating over time. Also know that all our closings are handled by third party independent licensed title companies with the transaction being fully insured.

There are no costs to our Private Lenders, as the borrower (HPF) always pays for its own closing costs.

Join the world of fully collateralized lending opportunities and put your savings or IRA money to work for you with a well-established, high quality company with a deep track record in real estate performance.


Loan ~ 24 months

Backed by ~ A fully insured mortgage or Deed of Trust recorded lien on one of our portfolio rental properties

Minimum Loan Amount ~ $25,000 2nd liens, $100,000 1st liens

Fixed Interest Rate ~ Contact Jeff Kleiner for current rates at